Its one thing when you dream that one day you will be with the person you love for the rest of your life and then its another thing when that dream comes true. For this lovely couple that day finally came. I loved so many things about their day, but there were a few things […]

I truly enjoy every wedding that I photograph. I enjoy hearing how my clients met, and the story behind their decision to spend the rest of their lives with one another. Most of my Brides have their Cinderella moment in front of friends and family; However, I had the pleasure of witnessing and taking part […]

What can I say about this couple? From the moment I met them, I knew they would have a wedding to remember. The pair are both amazing individuals and dancers, and they more than proved it on the dance floor. Their wedding was as beautiful as they are, and I am thrilled to have taken […]

Tessa & Cody had a beautiful wedding celebration. Their friends and family came out to support their union together. Although they were married in January they wanted to share their happiness with their loved ones.  One of the sweetest moments was during the father daughter dance. He had such a glow and joy in his […]

No matter where they are from, love always finds a way to bring two hearts together. She is from Napa and he is from Kansas City, who knew they would find each other so far away from home in Austin, Texas? It is an amazing to experience how deep someones love really is, to witness […]

How can you choose just a few photos from an amazing engagement session? I love this couple’s story! They met just in time before he was going to be going off to the Navy. While they were at a nursing conference he saw this beautiful girl from across the room. He knew he had to […]

We had such a great time at the beautiful Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay. This place has everything from the beach, to beautiful trees, and even amazing cliffs. You would never know that it was a chilly day by the way Azra and James looked. Their love for each other was emanating through the photos. […]

Mika & Brandon has known each other since the age of 9 years old when they lived in New Mexico. They grew up as friends not knowing one day they would become husband and wife. They never would have thought of dating but one day for their senior dinner he asked her to be his date and the […]

I believe so much in the power to knowledge and developing your skills. No matter how good you are at anything you can always improve. That is exactly what I have been doing this week. I have been studying and taking Roberto Venezuela’s Lighting workshop, those of you who do not know who Roberto is, […]

  As the day came to a close, Cindy and Derrick realized it couldn’t have been more perfect. The roses were in full bloom, the day was seamless and smooth, and the family and friends were in full support of the life journey these two best friends are embarking on. As the couple looked into […]