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August 7, 2021

Four Tips to Planning Your Elopement Reception After Covid-19 Pandemic

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Did you and your Bride or Groom decide you couldn’t wait any longer and got married during the mist of the Pandemic? The great news is it’s never too late to have that dreamy wedding reception you have always dreamt of. I will share some tips and tricks to making the most out of your post elopement reception and make sure you have the time of your life celebrating your undeniable love for each other. 

Marie and Steve decided they couldn’t wait any longer to tie the knot. They were so passionate about becoming husband and wife they decided to do what thousands of other couples have done this past year and have an intimate wedding at their family estate. The celebration was magical as each family came together to create such beauty, and love for Marie and Steve which family has been centered around their forever love story from the start.


I. Venue or Private Estate-

Either choice can host a beautiful reception. Many couples had to postpone their wedding dates and rescheduled for late 2021-2022. You might find it difficult to find a venue that can accommodate the date you were hoping for. That is okay, as many Brides and Grooms today are turning to friends, and family and creating elegant private property weddings. The best part about this choice is you save lots of money! If you chose to have it at a venue keep in mind they might still have restrictions in place for safety purposes that might interfere with your plans.

II. Size of Guest List-

You might be thinking to yourself if I have my reception at a house then your guest list has to significantly shrink due to space. Thats alright, because its not about how many people can attend its about choosing the people who are closest to you, who share a special place in your heart and couldn’t imagine your big day without seeing them. Those are the people you choose for your intimate guest list. A group of twenty can have just as much fun as a group of a hundred. It all comes down to how you make it feel special to you. 


III. Attire-

If you didn’t wear your dress and suit at your eloped ceremony then do it now! Just because you might feel like your in a more casual setting doesn’t mean you can’t dress up. If you are going for an upscale and elegant style reception make that known in your invitations and set the tone with your attire. I have always said it’s better to be over dressed then undressed and if that dreamy dress is what you have always dreamt of then go for it!

IV. Hire Local Vendors-

This is one of the most special days of your life and just because your not at a venue doesn’t mean you should try and deal with the technical parts of the wedding day. Hire a wedding planner to help set up and clean up, hire a chef or catering company, a DJ so the night can end with everyone on the dance floor and last but not least don’t forget the wedding photographer/videographer. As a photographer we work magic and are able to give you the most beautiful memories that last a life time despite location. All that matters is your pure passion for one another shines through on that day making it easy to capture. 


For Steve and Marie there was no doubt in their hearts that this moment would be special despite having to make so many adjustments that so many people are facing in the world today as well. Their day was absolutely beautiful and everything they could have imagined and they have no regrets on going forward with their wedding during a Pandemic as they made the day their own, and just the way they imagined it. 

Congratulations Steve and Marie. I wish you both endless love and happiness as Mr. & Mrs. as you start your forever love story together! 

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