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August 14, 2021

When Should You Schedule Your Engagement Shoot With a Professional Photographer?

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Recently engaged? Thinking about the time line on when you should book with a wedding photographer? These are all questions every couples thinks about after the question is popped. I will answer some of these question in hopes of making your process a little smoother. Just remember there is no right or wrong answer but if your a planner like me then you would probably love following this timeline as it makes for easy and stress free planning. 

I had the pleasure of photographing my good friend Laci and Justin for their engagement shoot. I have known them both for years and was asked to be apart of there special moment and it was the greatest compliment to be given this honor. Laci and Justin recently got engaged, and set their wedding date for February 2022. They decided to set their photography location at the Museum of Fine Arts in San Fransisco, California which was an exquisite location. Laci, wanted to have the engagement shoot early on as she had custom cards made that she wanted to use as props during the shoot (such a charming personal touch!) to be able to incorporate at her engagement party, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, and the many days leading up to the BIG day. It added that personal special touch to the photos and who doesn’t love to have more to share with their loved ones and friends from a far on social media. 



Planning can be stressful but don’t forget the most important thing is it’s suppose to be fun so my hope is this tip will help you tremendously throughout your process. 

In honor of winning Best of Wedding from the knot for the past five years I will refer to their time honored timeline. Just remember its okay if you can’t meet each time frame. We are all human and have daily lives to attend to while planning one of the biggest days of your life and it will not make or break your big day if you don’t follow it exactly. 



According to the knot you should start researching photographers and videographers in you area nine-eleven months before your set wedding date. You should book your engagement photo shoot 2-3 months before your scheduled engagement party. The knot also states you should book your photographer for your wedding date at least six to eight months before. If you know who you want as your photographer before these timeframes then my tip to you would be schedule early because it would be unfortunate to have a conflicting wedding already scheduled on the specific date you were hoping to have your wedding on and have to find another photographer. 

Remember you want to choose your photographer, and schedule your engagement session before you set your engagement party date to make sure you give enough time to have the shoot, and the photos back in a timely manner. One thing I love most about engagement parties is showcasing your professional engagement photos. There is so many ways at your celebration you can do this for example; you can have them blown up and put up on walls, put them in frames on tables or make a slide show and have them projected. These are all such special ways to show everyone your first professional photos together as an engaged couple and adds to the decor for your celebration. 

I am beyond excited for Laci and Justin to become Husband and Wife. 2022 can not come soon enough! 


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