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September 12, 2021

How to compromise with your partner when planning your wedding

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We all know wedding planning can get stressful so keeping it simple and having open communication with your partner in the key to planning your forever love story. My number one tip is prioritize your must haves. Each couple has something they aren’t willing to negotiate on and thats okay as long as you’re willing to compromise in other aspects of your big day. 

I highly recommend making a list that both you and your partner fill out separating. The document can include many topics that will need to be discussed in order to make decisions about your special day. When each partner is finished filling out the document compare each others answers. You would be surprised how many times you and your partner are wanting the same things.

It was such an honor to watch Franee and Taylor grow closer together leading up to their big day. I had the pleasure of being able to photograph their engagement, as well as their wedding day. They worked together to plan a beautiful, simplistic, elegant wedding that was unforgettable.


You might be thinking to yourself what are some topics that should be covered to start compromising with the love of your life. You’re in luck! Below I have provided twenty questions for both you and you partner. This will help you figure out what ideas you both have in common and what aspects of the wedding planning you will have to come to an understanding on. This guide will help better communication with your partner and make for an easier, and much more pleasing planning experience.

Wedding Planning Guide:

1. Budge Range.

2. Ceremony Location (city/state/venue-be specific).

3. Reception Location (city/state/venue-be specific).

4. Color Scheme for Both Bridal Parties.

5. Color Scheme for Decor.


6. Decor Style/Theme.

7. Number of People in Bridal Party.

8. Number of Guest to Attend Wedding.

9. Flower Girl.

10. Ring Barrier.

11. Floral Options.

12. Food Options.


13. Food Served or Buffy Style.

14. Beverage Options (Alcohol/No Alcohol).

15. Dj or Band.

16, Assigned Seating or Open Seating.

17. Photographer and Videographer Choice. Holly D Photography is ready to meet you!

18. Honeymoon Location.

19. One thing you have dreamt about that you prefer not to negotiate on if possible.

20. One thing that you are absolutely willing to negotiate on.

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Congratulations Franee and Taylor. I wish you a life time of happiness together.

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