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July 24, 2021

7 Charming Ways To Include Your Pet Into Your Wedding

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Do you have a fur baby that your special day wouldn’t be complete without? Good news, there is many venues that accommodate having your pet. Below are some great ways you can include them into your dreamy day.

Linda and Jeff were able to include their charming dog named Coco on their wedding day. They have a special bond with their fur baby and couldn’t imagine becoming husband and wife without her there. They had the honor of having their wedding at Chabot Space and Science center that was accommodating to Coco being present during their unforgettable day.


Calling on all my dog lovers out there, these tips are for you! We all know your fur baby is more than just a pet to you they are family and you cant have a grand day without all your family present. Below are a few ways to include your pet in your wedding day:

01. Walk Down The Aisle Together- Bride or Groom

Walking down the aisle can be nerve racking as all eyes are on you. If you choose to include your dog in your day perhaps maybe your pet can help calm your nerves and allow you to be in the present and enjoy the special moment by strolling down the aisle with you.

02. Have Them Stand At The Alter With You

Is your pet well behaved? If so, having them stand with your bridesmaids, or groomsmen is a special way to include him or her in your ceremony.

03. Mention Them In Your Ceremony Or Reception Speech

Its always special to include your loved ones in your speech. Plus we all know dog parents love talking about their fur babies.

04. Include Them During Your Designated Photo Shoot

There are countless ways to include your pet in your photos. I think its fun to include them in both bridal party pictures, and with you both as husband and wife. If your pet knows this trick a cute shot is placing the rings on their nose, it makes for an adorable photo.

05. Dress To Impress

Your fur baby wants to look just as good as you do so dressing him or her in festive attire would be that much more adorable. There is multiple options. You can be simple and put a bow tie on, or go big and get them a doggy suit or dress. If you want to be a little more unique and add that special touch you could decorate their collar and leash in greenery and flowers.

06. Ring Bearer

If your pet is obedient and trust worthy than your adorably dressed fur baby can walk your rings down the aisle instead of using the traditional ring bearer OR you can do both because why not!

07. Specialty Bar Drink In Their Name

A traditional bar menu for a wedding reception usually consist of at least one specialty drink that compliments the bride and the groom. A fun way to include your fur baby would be coming up with a cute cocktail name in honor of them like….The ‘Coco’!



If you are considering having your fur baby with you on your wedding day, you will have to consider the answers to these questions first.

  • Can your ceremony and reception venue accommodate your pet?
  • How does your pet react to new environments?
  • Does your pet behave well around large groups of people?
  • If your venue is located outdoors, is there any other animals that are present in the area that your pet might chase or get injured by?
  • Do you have a designated person willing to look after your fur child for the remainder of your evening so you can socialize and dance the night away?

Wedding days are suppose to include the people you love most in life. Don’t forget that choosing to have your pet with you can make your big day even more memorable.

Congratulations to the Newly Weds Jeff and Linda!

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