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July 2, 2021

5 Reasons To Have a First Look On Your Wedding Day- You Wont Regret It

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Mariah and Miguel tied the knot! 

Wedding traditions are ingrained in our culture but have you ever stopped to think what the meaning behind those traditions are? I was amazed when I first learned the reason behind the superstition of not seeing each other before you say I DO.

The origin: This tradition comes from the time where arranged marriages were custom too many cultures. The reason the bride and groom were kept separated was so the groom could not get cold feet. Traditions are sacred in many cultures and I encourage you to implement them into your special day. I believe there is many pros to seeing each other away from all the busyness of your wedding day, and a first look gives you the opportunity of one on one time with the love of your life.

First looks are now a more modern choice in the culture of weddings. Some people are not sold on this idea and go to extreme lengths to not accidentally see each other on the day of their wedding. Others wonder if first looks are worth the hype. 

In one of the most thrilling and emotionally engaged days of your life, a wedding first look is a set time for you and your love to see each other before the celebration begins. 

I think it’s about time to start new traditions that work best for you and your loved one. I recommend having this discussion and planning it out with your photographer so you can carve out the time to have that intimate moment together. I have photographed hundreds of weddings some waited and others did not, either way the moment was emotional, and beautiful. 

I was fortunate to work with Mariah and Miguel from the beginning of their forever love story. It was my honor to photograph their engagement as well as be with them on their big day. Mariah and Miguel chose to take a moment together before the ceremony and have a first look— they did not regret it!

I. Enjoy the intimate moment together

There is so much anticipation leading up to your big day that we sometimes forget to take a moment to appreciate the experience as a couple.

The moment was magical for Miguel and Mariah. Miguel was describing what he imagined his bride was going to look like. He said she is going to look like a beautiful mermaid with her long red hair, fair skin, and contagious smile. As he was saying these words out loud Mariah appeared behind him and Miguel turned around tears falling down his face. The pure beauty he saw in his bride was emotional and the memory of this moment will last a life time.

II. You look your best 

It’s undeniable that we all want the picture perfect shots for our memory book and taking the time to do a first look is the way to go. Your make up, hair, and flowers will be at its freshest! The walk down the aisle can get emotional which will require touch ups before taking your photos after the ceremony. Having a first look prevents this and gives you more time to enjoy yourself and loved ones. 

III. Calm the nerves

It can be nerve racking for most brides and grooms as there are so many eyes on the both of you. Tearing up at the altar isn’t always the case—especially if nerves have kicked in. A first look is exclusive and intimate, giving you the freedom to experience the moment together without any of the pressure from people anticipating your reaction. Doing this gives the opportunity for genuine emotions to radiate through. And yes—I’ve still seen brides and grooms have a tearful reaction during the ceremony after previously doing a first look.

IV. You wont miss the golden hour

Many weddings occur in the evenings which shorten the time frame for perfect lighting for your photos. Having a first look insures you wont miss the golden hour and your photographer will be able to capture the moment beautifully. 

V. You will have more time with loved ones at your reception 

Having a first look allows you, your bridal party and family to enjoy the festivities following the ceremony. If you opt out of having a first look make sure to take into consideration the timeline you will have to set aside after the ceremony of about an hour and a half to take photos with your new husband or wife, bridal party, and family. We all know that capturing these photos is what will keep the memory of your special day alive but its also important to remember to enjoy yourself and have fun. 

I say start a new tradition, have your first look, and let the celebration begin! 

Cheers to the Newlyweds!!!



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