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I know you’re sitting there looking through a list of photographers & wondering which one should I choose?! I know how you feel! You’re trying to see which one will capture the most beautiful photos, which one will best fit your personality, will they be able to capture those candid memories, & of course, will they fit in my budget? 

Well I’m here to let you know you have not just come to the right place but you also have came to the person that will be able to capture your journey in life. My name is Holly, I’ve been photographing weddings for over 10 years & I know what you want & exactly how to capture it. I’m experienced in capturing those candid moments but also being creative so your wedding will stick out from the others. I always hear the phrase “I’m just not comfortable in front of the camera”. Then after the engagement shoot this is what I hear “That was so fun, I didn’t expect to enjoy myself this much” or “Wait it’s over? I was having so much fun, I can’t wait until my wedding!” 

You will not only have an amazing time but an amazing experience that will show through your photos! Now don’t wait, contact me to set up a call to have the best time captured forever!


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I feel privileged that I have the honor of preserving a young couple's love in its most perfect, happiest and beautiful state so that for many generations it will never be lost. When you become grandparents and your grandchildren become engaged, the happiest feeling will be sharing your wedding album with them one page at a time. I love being a wedding photographer so that I can capture memories not only for you but also for your children and their children. 

My Philosophy

My Favorites

- Bride & Groom Portraits
- Colorful & well put together Bouquets
- Landscapes
- A fully furnished table
- Plenty of details
- Bling
- Bright & airy venues
- Flowers everywhere
- Bridal party laughing
- To live for shoes



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