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July 24, 2020

Reenacted Proposal – Samantha & Caleb

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I still remember their engagement like it was yesterday! Samantha and Caleb are my good friends and on a special day, they had planned to have couple photos taken but Samantha had no idea that Caleb had something up his sleeve! While we were taking the photos, I asked Caleb to fake like he was going to propose for a photo, where Samantha acted surprised. As she was about to help him to stand up, he held her hand and started to remind her of special moments in their relationship. All of a sudden, it hit her that this moment wasn’t fake and that he was really about to propose! Caleb pulled out the ring and asked her to be his wife and she of course, said YES!!

Here we are ten years later, celebrating Samantha’s 30th birthday and I can’t help but remember all of the photograph sessions we have had through the years. I remember being a part of their wedding day and other family sessions with their son and family.

Caleb is always full of surprises as they showed up to this photo shoot, Samantha was blindfolded and Caleb was leading her to where we were at. She had no idea what he had planned for the day! When he pulled the blindfold off her eyes, I was standing there taking photographs (once again) of a special moment of this happy couple! I asked him to act like he was proposing again, she acted surprised and as she attempted to help him get up, he pulled out another ring even more elegant and beautiful than the first one she received ten years ago! Happy birthday Samantha and I can’t wait to see how your journey of love unfolds as time goes on!

How cute is this!! Here is a flashback to when Caleb proposed ten years ago! 

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