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April 19, 2018

Picking the Right DJ

Oftentimes when it comes to planning a wedding, the bride thinks about the vendors that need to be booked right away in order of importance. Usually the venue is always first and then it can be followed with catering, gowns, photographers and florists. When you are considering your budget, those other small vendors get the short end of the stick with the DJ or band being low on the totem pole of wedding planning. In this post, I wanted to talk about why it is important to hire a good DJ and how you can ensure to pick the right one.

When choosing your DJ, keep in mind that they are the master of ceremonies. Your DJ is the voice behind your wedding that will make announcements prior to your ceremony and following your vows (if you opt to do so), guide your guests through h’ordeuvres, introduce you and your beau to your guests as husband and wife, and informing everyone when dinner will be served. And last but not least, their skills behind the microphone will keep you dancing all night long. This decision can decipher if your guests stay or if they leave.

When looking for a DJ, consider more than just the cost of what they are charging you. Look for personality and experience with music selections and their ability to bring your vision together, but at the same time entertain all of your diverse guests.

A few things to consider when selecting your DJ:

*Do they offer the type of song selection you would like?
*Does their personality mesh with you and your fiancé?
*Do you feel that they would be able to entertain the diverse guests that you will have attending your wedding?
*Can they transition from one song to the next smoothly?
*Ask them about not singing the songs at your wedding. That is what the music is for.


If you are stilling having a hard time decided here are a few you can check out that does a great job:
   – JustIntertainment
     – Denon & Doyle

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