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April 24, 2018

7 Useful Tips to Get Candid Wedding Photos


Candid photography can be challenging, but the results are worth it, as weddings tend to have some of the most beautiful moments. Most couples request for candid photography nowadays, because it captures genuine reactions and raw emotions.

Here are some tips to help you take the best candid shots:

1. Use a Zoom Lens

If you want to be a good candid photographer, you have to be sneaky! The long zoom lens provides the opportunity to get great candid shots from a fair distance, where the subjects won’t even know you’re photographing them. A 70-200mm lens is a decent choice for this mission.

2. Prepare your Camera Settings

You risk losing the perfect shot if you adjust your settings as the moment occurs. Lifewire suggests to use your camera’s automatic features, and any technical problem can be fixed later on when you transfer your photos to the computer. If you’re the type to go manual, make sure your settings are appropriate to use all throughout the wedding or; you have more than one camera, with each having a different configuration.

3. Study the Wedding Program

It helps to know beforehand what activities will take place at the wedding, because you can then position yourself and prepare your shots. You can also do a quick sweep of the location to familiarize yourself. Mark or remember the spots where you think you can take good candid photos.

4. Anticipate the Action

Spontaneous moments can begin anytime before, during, and after the ceremony. A guest may break out in a dance, join the wedding singers, or do something else which makes for a priceless moment. Always have your camera on and ready to shoot. It also helps to run through the schedule and activities with your clients before the big day to anticipate action early on. Foxy Bingo notes that engaging in activities to get people off their seats to “walk, jump, hunt, and snap” is a great way to break the ice and get people to bond. This is even more important during weddings where tow sets of wedding guests aren’t familiar with each other. Make it a point to go over the schedule and look at wedding activities that will surely everyone from the groomsmen and bridesmaids to the extended family on their feet and having fun — all great subjects and situations for candid wedding photos.

5. Skip the Flash

Your camera’s flash won’t help when you’re trying to be discreet. The blinding light not only alerts your subjects, but may also kill the moment. If you want to take photos in low light, adjust your ISO settings and widen your aperture.

6. Look Out for Lively Groups

Wedding receptions almost always have a group of active, fun-loving people. You can create awesome candid photos from this bunch, and it’s even better if there are wedding games involved. Foxy Bingo notes that people working together makes for a great scene, because there is genuine laughter and smiles all over their faces. These photos are perfect additions to the wedding album, so it’s best to be prepared. Your clients will thank you later.


7. Shoot from the Hip

Don’t hesitate to change your perspective from time to time as well. Tom’s Guide explains that shooting from the hip is a discreet way to take photographs of people. Remember to experiment with angles because some photos become more interesting when taken from a certain point of view. For instance, try photographing a dancing couple from a lower angle, or the wedding toast from a higher angle.


Additionally, it also helps to let the wedding guests know that they should leave most of the picture taking to the hired team. Holly D Photos previously suggested to put up signs that indicate unplugged areas. These mean no smartphones and only the hired photographers can take the shots. This is so that they can get better results without guests getting in the way.

Do you know any other candid photography tips? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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