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April 26, 2018

2018 Wedding Trends

Fashion is constantly changing and so are the trends of the wedding scene. 2018 is bringing in so many new trends that I had to share with you all!

Destination weddings
Traveling to Italy where your beau’s family was raised is a nice way to embrace their family culture and taking in the beauty of another country! Or you can even travel to a destination that you both have never experienced and embrace their culture together.

Planted flower pots that serve as aisle décor!
This concept is the way that brides are transforming their aisle into an intimate experience for their guests, making them feel right at home. The pots can be wrapped in silk fabric and filled with plants or vibrant colored flowers of your choice.

Intimate wedding parties
The time of having fifteen bridesmaids is long gone. Many brides are now opting for intimate parties of four or less. This is a drastic change from the thirteen bridesmaids that one bride had in 2017!

Colorful florals mixed with tropical leaves
The colors are changing for weddings in 2018, where couples are opting for more moody and darker colored floral arrangements and colors for their day. Brides are selecting deep and dark purples such as wine, mauve and even lilac and lavender. Purple is projected to be the shade of the year!

Dramatic Marble Floors
Brides are looking for drama, drama, drama in 2018 and marble floors are setting the stage for beautiful photographs. Don’t forget to have your photographer catch the aerial view of you dancing with your groom as this photo is set to impress!

Outdoor Space
Couples love to host their wedding outdoors! Garden venues are trending, as well as weddings held at barns and really anywhere that nature is nearby! Being outside is a photographer’s dream, bringing in the natural light of the golden-hour sun! 

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