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July 31, 2020

Urban Engagement – Shamia & Jahaad

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It’s so cute when friends get involved to be matchmakers for a couple! Shamia and Jahaad’s story started that way but with another twist. They both had planned to attend a bonfire, Shamia with her friends and Jahaad with his. However, when it came down to the day of the bonfire, Jahaad couldn’t make it. Shamia was expecting to see Jahaad there, so after a few weeks, Shamia decided to be spontaneous and text Jahaad out of the blue and make that first move!

When Jahaad received the text, he didn’t have her number saved in his phone so when he asked Shamia who she was, Shamia played the guessing game! Jahaad guessed on the second try!! How cute is that?! From there on, they continued texting to get to know each other a little better and before they knew it they were calling each other, which then progressed to hanging out in person!

This sweet couple is now on their way to get married in the coming months and I’m so excited to watch as their story continues to grow!!

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