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August 4, 2020

Anna & Geo – A Hawaiian Proposal

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While on vacation in Hawaii, Geo had big plans for this trip with his girlfriend Anna! On one of their days of adventure, Geo told Anna that he wanted to take her to see some dolphins but instead he kept changing the plans on her. They ended up taking a tour where they discovered an old super mill and moved into a garden area of the tour.

They were joking around and acting like they were in a battle and Geo bent down and pretended that he was going to cut his head with a light savor and as he was down on his knee, he switched the moment up and proposed right there! Anna immediately said yes and a photographer nearby starting taking photos of their special moment, smoke came in and music came on!! This happy couple is set to get married in the same state where Geo proposed, Hawaii!! They may have had to postpone their plans to get married, they can’t wait for the day that they become husband and wife!

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