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October 31, 2019

Gissell & Erik’s Engagement

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I always love hearing the story where a man surprises the love of his life with an unexpected proposal! Gissell and Erik were celebrating Gissell’s birthday in Half Moon Bay. She was expecting that Erik would be proposing, so Erik told the love of his life that he was still waiting on the diamond for her ring to arrive as a way to keep her guessing. Little did she know, he had that ring in his pocket!

As they walked down the beach from their hotel, she saw some rose petals leading down a staircase to the sandy beach. Gissell immediately said, “Aww, look someone is going to be proposing!” She had no idea that these rose petals were specially laid down for her! When they got down to the beach, Erik dropped down on his knee and Gissell was so surprised! Before Erik had a chance to get all of his words out, she said “YES!”

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