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September 30, 2019

Regale Winery Wedding – Claudia & Dan

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It was such a beautiful day at the Regale Winery where Claudia and Dan committed their love to each other with friends and family close by.

Claudia and Dan met at one of the local establishments in their neighborhood, where Dan had recently moved to. As soon as they met eyes they instantly connected in conversation and before they knew it, one date led to another and soon enough, ten years had passed by!

On a trip to Tahiti, they were standing on the beach enjoying the views of the breathtaking island. As they stood there watching the sun get ready to set, Claudia started to notice that Dan was acting a little strange, so she asked him, “What is going on?” He then dropped down on his knees, asking her to become his wife and of course she said “YES!”

Their wedding was so beautiful! Claudia wore a gorgeous gown that was complemented by her lilac and deep purple bouquet. The most treasured moment was seeing the look on Dan’s face as his beautiful bride walked down the aisle towards him. He couldn’t help but to tear up with joy for this special day!!

Special Thanks: *Venue: Regale Winery *Photographer: Holly D Photography *Wedding Coordinator: Cassle Dresti *Videographer: Dagna Griffin Creative *Florist: Bloomsters *Cake Artist: The Buttery *DJ: Los Gatos DJ *Bridesmaids Dresses: Anthropologie *Bridal Gown: Bohee Wedding Shop *Tuxedos: Joseph A Banks *Harpist: Tamara Mead *Officiant: Andrew Allen *Caterer: Jamie Roberts


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