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July 24, 2019

Lone Tree – Corey & Keith’s Engagement

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Corey and Keith met in their freshman year of college as they both attended UC Davis. They met online and talked to each other back and forth for a few months. The first day they met, Keith walked over to Corey and kissed her on her forehead, which instantly surprised Corey since they had never met in person! 

As time passed and their love between each other grew closer, it was approaching the time of year when Corey’s family would be attending their yearly camping trip. Keith came along and Corey was so happy that she would be able to build memories with Keith!

As they went on a hike, they approached the top of a hill where the entire family took a family photo. Keith asked the family to go to the other side, as he grabbed Corey’s hand. With a shaky voice, he began to talk to her about their relationship and how happy she made him. Corey started to think that maybe Keith was going to propose but she wasn’t sure because he had played around in the past pretending to propose. When Corey’s dad started to tear up and all of her family members were taking photos, she knew this was real! As Keith asked Corey to be her wife, she kept saying “What, Are you serious?” and she finally said Yes!

I can’t wait for your wedding! I know there are going to be so many beautiful memories made. 

Wedding Coordinator: Tan Weddings & Events

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