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May 30, 2019

Holly D TV Episode # 7 – Top 5 Things to Spend Money on for Your Wedding

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There are so many things to purchase for your wedding and you may be asking yourself, “What is the most important?” Well on this episode of Holly D TV, I am talking about the Top 5 Things to Spend Money on for Your Wedding!!

1.) The Venue. Your venue is so important because it sets the landscape for your entire day! Finding a place that is all inclusive would be the best option to have everything nearby. 

2.) The Photographer! I may be a little bias on this one, however your photographer is a very important decision to be made. If you don’t select the right photographer, your day will not be captured just how you’d like it to be! So, find the right one and book them as soon as possible. Sidebar: I’m always accepting new clients! 

3.) Your Dress. Finding the perfect wedding gown in the beginning is so important because it takes time to order the dress and work through all of the alterations. You will want to find something that makes you feel beautiful and confident! 

4.) A Wedding Planner. Just as Jennifer and Rick Tan mentioned in Episode 6, selecting a wedding planner is one of the most important decisions you can make. They are there to support you and take away the headache of planning your big day. Trust me, you’re going to want one!! 

And #5.) Your Florist. They can spruce up your ceremony site, even if it’s a plain venue. They know exactly how to glam it up! Your bouquet is another way to improve the look and feel of your wedding and your florist will show you exactly where to place your hands as you are holding it. Are you self conscious about your stomach area? Flowers cover it all up so book that florist, spend the money because it’s worth it!

On This Show: 
Holly Drennen of Holly D Photography

Special thanks to the work of the following vendors featured in this episode:

Diana Dorsey, Simply Elegant Weddings and Events

Jon Prewitt Videography (Video Footage)

Tan Weddings and Events

Vo Florist

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Video Edited by: Jeremy Drennen

Filmed at: The Gala

Decor Provided by: Gussy Up Decor

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