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April 17, 2019

Old Sacramento Engagement Session – Robin & Charlie

FILED IN: Wedding

As Robin was finishing up her master’s program for teaching, her graduation was quickly approaching and Charlie decided he wanted to take Robin out for a special day together. He had planned to propose to her at Kerry Park, a well-known park in Seattle, Washington that is a perfect location with spacious views of the popular Space Needle. Charlie was unsure how he was going to get Robin to go to the park without guessing that something was up.

So, Charlie told the love of his life that his mom wanted to meet them both for lunch to celebrate her up and coming accomplishment and they would meet at Kerry Park. Robin had no idea that Charlie’s mom wasn’t even in town, in fact, she was thousands of miles away in New Orleans! Charlie knew that this would throw her off and when they finally arrived at the perfect spot, Charlie got down on his knee with a marriage proposal and Robin was in complete shock!!

Congrats to you both, Robin and Charlie! I’m so happy that you have found a love to last a lifetime.

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