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March 8, 2019

Holly D TV Episode 3 with Camille Goldston Hair & Makeup

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Have you ever wondered how to transform a natural makeup look into a smoky night look? Well, Camille with Camille Goldston Hair & Makeup is on the show with all of her amazing tips! Camille will be answering many of your most asked questions about makeup application and wedding day looks. 

Do you know how to prepare your skin to have a flawless application on the day of? What if you don’t know your style or look for your big day? Do you need to do a trial run before your wedding day and the number one question, What do I do if I start to cry? I don’t want my makeup to run! Well, we’ve got all your answers on this episode of Holly D TV!

On This Show: 

Holly Drennen of Holly D Photography & Camille Goldston of Camille Goldston Hair & Makeup. Video Edited by: Jeremy Drennen * Filmed at: The Gala * Decor Provided by: Gussy Up Decor

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