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February 4, 2019

Baby Beau’s Arrival

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As I started this journey over ten years ago, I fell in love with hearing the story of how a man and a woman cross paths, creating a connection that turns into love. This became my why down through the years, as I watch how a family begins to grow. That’s why I’m so happy to share this beautiful story of love.  I feel so privileged and honored to have photographed Veronica & Ryan’s engagement photographs. As time passed, I was honored again to photograph them in their wedding attire. I loved how they wanted to include the first addition to their family, their dog Tyler in the wedding photos. I absolutely loved a photograph I took where Veronica and Ryan turned their head over their shoulder looking back, and Tyler did the same. It was so cute!  

Now, I am so excited today to be sharing Veronica and Ryan’s beautiful family photographs with the next addition to their family, Beau! Isn’t he adorable!? It’s so sweet how much Tyler loves Beau and Beau equally loves Tyler! Veronica and Ryan shared how at first it was an adjustment for Tyler to accept Beau into the family, but now he is protective over him! When Beau cries, Tyler runs down the stairs to check on Beau and make sure that one of their parents is there to take care of him. So sweet!! It is amazing to be a part of such a wonderful part of someones life and to capture these special moments along the way. 🙂


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