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January 2, 2019

Disney Concert Hall & LA Engagement – Danielle & Julian

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Are you up for an adventure? Well, Danielle sure was!! After dating Julian long distance for some time, she was looking forward to a weekend planned where he would be traveling from the Bay Area to come to Southern California to spend some time together. When she got the news that he could not make it due to work, she was a little disappointed but still wanted to make the most of her weekend. She went out with friends, but little did she know that Julian was planning something particularly special for her.

Since Danielle loves scavenger hunts so much, he knew that an adventure hunt had to be a part of this special day. As her friend took her to the first location, BJ’s Restaurant, she had no idea that this was all a part of the plan. As she arrived at BJ’s which was the location where they both had their first conversation as friends, she then found a rose with a clue. With every clue he left for her, he paired it with a rose and each location was a symbol of a momentous part in their relationship. As she traveled from location to location, her anticipation over this six hour trip grew greater and greater. When she arrived at the last location which was the Botanical Gardens, she couldn’t find the rose with her next clue. Julian then appeared and got down on his knee to ask Danielle to be his wife!! I guess you could say he was the final rose! Congratulations Danielle and Julian!! I am so happy for you both! 

This was such an amazing engagement shoot. Not only did I get to travel to Southern California to take their photos but we kind of went on a scavenger hunt ourselves. We went to a few locations that looked amazing and showed a little of their personality. Danielle wanted to take her photos in the center of LA. So our first stop was the Disney Concert Hall. We only had about 15 minutes to take the photos there since we had a reservation on the rooftop of a restaurant called Perch. Such a beautiful view of the city from the rooftop! The weather was perfect and the lighting was beautiful! After we finished eating and taking photos there we went back over to the Disney Concert Hall for some night photos, little did we know that we can’t use lighting strobes. We were told that we could not use any flashes…so what did we do? We took out all of our phones and used the flash lights and I put my camera settings to a slow shutter speed. Now you think that was tough listen to the next one. After the Disney Concert Hall we went to the LACMA museum to take photos with the beautiful and artistic lamps. When we arrived there was probably over a hundred people there taking photos with their phones. We found out once again that we are not allowed to use strobes there as well. So what do I do, I got creative and took photos in poses so we didn’t see all of those people in the background. Once we were there a while people actually began to make room for us and allowed us to have a little space which was really nice. This engagement shoot was definitely an adventure and I am so glad that I had the opportunity to take their engagement photos. Although there were some challenges we were able to still take amazing photos!

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