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January 22, 2019

City Hall Engagement – Portia & Robert

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On a recent outing, Portia and Robert traveled south to Monterey to spend some time together near the water. As they walked around this cute little town, Portia stopped in at a ring shop where she found the perfect engagement ring! The couple had talked about getting married and she knew this was the ring that she loved! They enjoyed their day spending time together and came home to Bay Area.

As time passed, Portia’s birthday was approaching and she had a feeling that Robert was going to propose on her birthday but little did she know that Robert had a curveball up his sleeve! He knew he had to find a way to get her back to Monterey to pop the question because it was such a special place for them but he wasn’t sure exactly how he was going to pull it off. So he told Portia that he wanted to take her back to the ring shop in Monterey to make sure he gets the right ring and in the right size.

As they drove into Monterey, Portia spotted a beachy area that she had previously visited and she asked Robert if they could stop there. As she stood there taking pictures of a squirrel, she turned around to find Robert on his knee with the ring in his hand! Portia was in complete shock and started telling everyone she saw on the beach what just happened!! So happy for you two and I can’t wait until your wedding! 

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