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December 5, 2018

Cristina & John’s Engagement In the Vineyards

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I couldn’t help but to feel all fuzzy on the inside when I heard John tell me the story of how he proposed to the love of his life, Cristina. As the holidays were approaching, he knew that Cristina asked for one thing, a special pair of Nikes that she’s always wanted. On a special day, John took Cristina on a picnic where he handed her the gift, one that she was not expecting.

As she unwrapped her gift and opened the box, she was happy to find the Nikes she wanted and on the back of one of the shoes had the word “ME”. She was confused and looked to John saying “What does this mean?” She proceeded to pull out the other shoe which had the word “MARRY” on it, and then Cristina knew! She kept asking John, “Are you serious?… Are you serious?” John then took out a large pebble shaped ring box. The pebble box reminded him of her love for penguins! As he handed her the box, he said “Penguins are mates for life and I want you to be my penguin!” He then proceeded to tell her how he only wants her in his life for the rest of his life and then he asked, “Will you marry me?” And she said “Yes!” Isn’t that such a sweet story?!

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