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December 7, 2018

35 Year Anniversary – Gezel & PJ

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Gezel and PJ look like they were made for each other and how they met was something truly remarkable! At the age of fifteen, PJ played on his high school’s basketball team. As PJ ran down the court headed to the next basket, he locked eyes with Gezel who was sitting in the stands. As the game came to an end, PJ and his team took the win and all of their fans rushed to the center of the court to celebrate with the players of the team, giving hugs and happy smiles. In that moment of celebration, Gezel ran to PJ and gave him a huge hug and then they both realized what was happening in the moment. 

PJ had no idea that she even went to the same school but the next day as he walked the halls of the school with a friend, he saw Gezel walk by. He told his friend “That’s her, that’s her!!”… They locked eyes once again, and thirty-five years later they are still locking eyes! Happy Anniversary to this remarkable couple! 

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