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October 8, 2018

Netta & Cory’s 20th Wedding Anniversary – Capital Building

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It’s so beautiful to see a couple that have been married for so many years and you can see how well they complement each other. Netta and Cory met years ago. They built their relationship as friends first, but they knew at the same time that they were meant to be together. They both felt a jolt of lightning hit them confirming that they liked each other as more than friends.

As their relationship began to change, they dated for some time and I think they both knew that their relationship was getting ready to take its next step. As Netta waited patiently wondering when Cory was going to propose, she told herself that if he didn’t propose by February 1st, then she was going to do it herself! He proposed on January 31st, not even knowing the plans that Netta had! Just by looking at this adorable couple, you can tell that the trials and tests that they have endured through years of marriage have only made their bond and love for each other stronger. I feel so privileged to be able to celebrate with Netta and Cory on their 20th wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary to you both!!  

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