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October 9, 2018

Caitlin & Nathan – Lands End Engagement

FILED IN: Wedding

I love a good surprise! As Caitlin’s birthday was coming near, she had a feeling that Nathan was planning for something special. Nathan was in Denver at the time, and when Caitlin didn’t hear from him on her birthday, she was a little surprised. But Nathan had this in his entire plan! He wanted to throw her off so he decided to spend the following weekend with her.

He wanted to make it up to her that he was not there for her birthday, so he decided to give her gifts all day long. First, he started with a gift card for coffee, and as the day continued, Nathan continued to give Caitlin gifts along with various romantic gestures. They eventually ended up eating a chocolate cake together to celebrate her special day, but little did she know that this wasn’t just about her birthday but it was going to be something even bigger. As they both sat at the dinner table eating a meal that Nathan prepared, Caitlin sat at the table reading the birthday card he gave her and in that same moment he got down on his knee and proposed! She was so surprised and so very happy! 


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