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October 12, 2018

Angela & Geoffrey – Moss Beach Engagement

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As Angela was packing her bags for her trip to Spain, I am certain that she had no clue of what this trip would hold. Angela and Geoffrey dated for a few years and as they got on that plane, Geoffrey was anticipating this special trip. Angela’s mother gave Geoffrey her engagement ring that her husband had given to her when he proposed!

Angela’s mother wanted to help Geoffrey in planning the special moment. So the couple went to a very nice restaurant in a quaint town, which just so happened to be the same place where her parents said “I do!” As they sat down to eat at the restaurant, Angela stepped away from the dinner table to refresh herself in the bathroom. She heard a violinist playing a beautiful song in the background and she was absolutely certain that the music was something that Geoffrey orchestrated. As Angela came out of the restroom, she sat down at the table with her nervous hands shaking uncontrollably. As they both sat at the dinner table in an awkward silence, a few moments later Geoffrey kneeled down and asked the woman of his dreams to marry him! She said “Shut up!” and then started to tear up and eventually said “Yes!”


Congrats to this sweet couple!

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