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October 22, 2018

Amber & Bjorn – A Stags Leap Proposal

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When you love someone, you will go over mountains and seas to prove your love to them and that is just what Bjorn did. This proposal was soooo sweet and full of romance!! As Bjorn flew from his hometown of Norway to surprise his girlfriend Amber, she was shocked when he walked in the door to her job. They greeted each other and then he swung another surprise on her. He told her “let’s go, I’m going to take you somewhere.” Amber was so full of anticipation of what this day would bring! Bjorn packed all of her things and before you knew it they were walking on a plane, and Amber still had no idea where he was taking her! 

When the plane landed, this happy couple found themselves going to Napa, California. Early in the morning, Bjorn took the love of his life on a hot air balloon ride in the Napa Valley overlooking the breathtaking view of the vineyards. Later, they stopped at the Stags Leap winery where Bjorn had scheduled a private tour of the property. 

As I stood there ready to take the photographs of the moment that would happen next, Amber still had no idea! There was nowhere for me to hide so I sat there on my phone acting as if I was texting someone but little did Amber know that I was there for her moment! As they walked passed me on their way to the breathtaking vineyards, I could hear Amber say to Bjorn, “Let’s walk a little further so we don’t interrupt that girl reading her book.” In that moment, Bjorn went to hug his girlfriend and he got down on his knee and asked her to marry him!! As I stood there taking photographs of this special moment, Bjorn then states she is here to take our photos. He planned the entire arrangement with the team at the Stags Leap winery and myself for months. He wanted it to be absolutely perfect, and it was just that! 

It was such a sweet moment and you could tell that they were both so happy to be making the next step in their relationship. Congratulations Amber and Bjorn. I am sooo happy for you both! 

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